Kildare Further Education and Training Centre

The Kildare Further Education and Training Centre provides a comprehensive range of part time adult education courses for adult learners of all ages. Courses are offered across a wide variety of subject disciplines and fields of learning. Classes are offered on a part time flexible basis to suit the needs and availability of our learners. Tuition is provided by our highly experienced and professional tutors in a friendly and informal atmosphere, conducive to adult learning.

Every learner has their own individual learning journey and each learner has their own unique set of reasons for enrolling on our Further Education and Training (FET) courses. For some, it is to pursue an interest or hobby, for others it is to reskill, retrain or to build on existing skills, while for others, it is for enjoyment and the social benefits of participating in a group activity.

We would be delighted to help you on your learning journey. Contact the centre today to explore your options.

Imelda Carroll

Adult Literacy Organiser