Beginners / Improvers IT Classes – September 2024

Kildare FETC will offer the following IT modules commencing September 2024:

429154 General Learning – Word Processing – Level 3 10/09/2024 IT Skills
  This programme module aims to provide the Learner with the tools necessary to use some of the facilities and functions available in a word processing application to generate documents of interest to the Learner. The objectives are to learn about word processing applications, the terminology associated with them, their functions and features. To facilitate the Learner to develop the skills and knowledge to support the practical use of a word processing application to create documents. To explore a range of functions in the word processing application and use these to enhance the appearance of the documents produced. Basic keyboard skills are required for this course.  
429146 Information Technology Skills / Word Processing – Level 4 (Skills to Compete) 11/09/2024 IT Skills

   This programme module aims to provide the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to operate a computer and become proficient in Information Technology skills.  The objectives are: to create an awareness of:

  • I.T. concepts and technology and the impact of Information Technology on everyday life.To facilitate the learner to organise their files, folders and computer workspace.
  • To enable the learner to develop skills in data entry.
  • To enable the learner to develop word processing skills to perform common tasks
  • To facilitate the learner to develop the skills to use the Internet and email as an effective communication tool.
  • To assist the learner to develop the language, literacy and numeracy skills related to Information Technology Skills through the medium of the module themes and content.
  • To enable the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning.

Reasonable proficiency in word processing skills and/or the equivalent of a QQI Level 3 IT related module would be beneficial to the Learner embarking on this module.  

429192 Computers for Beginners/Improvers – Morning 12/09/2024 IT Skills

  This programme is for absolute beginners with little or no knowledge of the computer and provides the Learner with the basic computer skills for use in everyday life. The objective is to develop the Learner’s skills to enable them to progress to certified courses.  

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