General Learning QQI Level 3

We provide a range of modules that allow learners to achieve QQI component awards and/or work towards achieving major award certification. Learners can pick from a variety of module across various fields of learning:

  • 6 Modules Required For A Major Award
  • Communications QQI Level 3 

  • Career Preparation QQI Level 3 

  • Application of Number QQI Level 3 

  • Word Processing QQI Level 3

  • Computer Literacy QQI Level 3

  • Internet Skills QQI Level 3

  • Growing Vegetables QQI Level 3

  • Personal Effectiveness QQI Level 3

Classes are for adults who:

  • Are over 16 years of age and who are not in full-time education
  • Need to brush up on skills such as reading, writing, maths and computers
  • Want to up-skill or re-skill for work
  • Would like to gain confidence
  • Work towards a recognised certificate, if desired
  • Classes are free of charge regardless of your circumstances.

Contact Imelda Carroll or Martin Hamill on 045-522003 or email to kickstart your learning journey today.