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Healthcare Modules – September 2024

Kildare FETC will offer the following Healthcare modules commencing September 2024:

430948Skills to Compete – Healthcare Support 5M4339 – Care Skill + Care of the Elderly (combined)11/09/2024H/Care
  The learner will be able to recognise the personal care needs of the client.  Students will acquire the following practical skills in the area of personal care: Maintaining a safe environmentInfection control etc. etc.   Students will also learn about issues facing the older person and how to support healthy ageing.   Note: This module will be a 4-hour class on Wednesday mornings.  
430949Skills to Compete – Healthcare Support 5M4339 – Safety & Health at Work.10/09/2024H/Care
  The learner will be supported in achieving an awareness of Safety and Health issues in the workplace.  Instructor will assist the learner in becoming familiar with the responsibilities and duties of the employer and the employee with regard to health and safety.  The learner will also be facilitated in developing skills in identifying hazards and in carrying out risk assessments in the work environment.  They will be supported in identifying the relevant national legislation and statutory bodies.   Note: This module will be offered on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday evenings.  

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